Blogmas Day 2- What I LOVE about Christmas

Welcome to Blogmas Day 2!!!

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The month of December and Christmas are my favorite!!! My favorite part about Christmas and the holiday season truly is just being able to spend time with my family and give to other's. I absolutely LOVE to see the smiles on their faces!!! It's honestly my favorite part of the whole holiday season. I also really love the different activities that I am able to do around the holiday season. It's so fun and it really allows you to get into the Christmas spirit and just enjoy life at that very moment!!! Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. The memories that are created on Christmas each year are special moments that I definitely cherish and have cherished throughout my life!!! My parents always made Christmas super special and made it exciting for me and my brother and I think that's why Christmas is my favorite holiday. I also LOVE to get into the Christmas spirit whether it's watching Christmas movies and drinking hot cocoa or singing along to Christmas music, etc. It makes the holiday season exciting and fun!!! So with that being said I would like to leave you with this one thought- what do you LOVE about Christmas and the holiday season?

Stay tuned and keep following along on this blogmas journey with me all December long!!! Please feel free to comment, ask questions, or share your thoughts!!! I enjoy reading them!!!- Tessa


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