August Ipsy Showcase

I am so excited to share this months glam bags with you all!!! I hope it brings you good vibes, glowing faces and a happiness!!! :)

This month's theme is: "Good Vibes Only"

This month's bag design is: I am SO in love with this month's bag!!! It definitely makes me happy and gives me good vibes which is the whole point of this month's theme right???

The first product I received was the " YADAH silky fit concealer BB power brightening" in the shade light beige. I LOVE this product!!! It's natural-looking, semi-matte and through it's formula, there is a combination of anti-aging cream and SPF. It's applies smooth and creamy which I absolutely LOVE!!! It blends in easily as well. I would highly recommend this product to other's!!!  COUPON CODE FOR 30% OFF PURCHASES: IPSY

The second product I received was the " First Aid Beauty skin rescue deep cleanser with red clay."  The last product that I received from First Aid Beauty, I absolutely loved! It applied super nicely and definitely made my skin feel so much healthier. I highly recommend this brand because their products are awesome! This product is made with no artificial colorants or fragrances. It smells amazing due to the rosemary oil in it and it has a natural red-tone to it due to the powerhouse ingredient in this product... the red clay. This product wipes away any oil, makeup or dirt on your face and makes your skin feel clean and refreshed! Need I say more?!?! It applies super nicely and definitely leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed!!! I would definitely recommend this product to other's!!!COUPON CODE FOR 15% OFF A PURCHASE : IPSY0817

The next product I received was the "CROWN medium face contour brush (SS035)." This brush is super soft and light. It applies nicely and holds on to more product which not only makes your makeup application go on smoother and more precise but makes it less messy, which is always a good thing, right??? This brush is a multitasking brush which is always my favorite!!! It can be used as a blush, contour, highlight, foundation, setting and more!!! Which is why I LOVE multitasking brushes!!! So yes, I would recommend this brush to other's, it's worth it!!! There is no coupon code for this product unfortunately. You can purchase it here:

The next product I received was the "theBalm Voyage Vol. 2 Eyeshadow in the shade Kuwakaribisha." This product is a pale, peachy powder but it applies creamy and it's super pigmented!!! It is a shimmer eyeshadow which I LOVE!!! This eyeshadow is a neutral color so it can balance out other makeup products that you are using. It can also be used a highlighter and let me tell you, you will need sunglasses because your highlighter will be so bright!!! I LOVE multitasking makeup products like this one, and I LOVE the neutral color as well. I would definitely recommend this product to other's, it will not disappoint!!! COUPON CODE FOR 20% OFF PURCHASES: IPSY20 and you can purchase it here:

The last product I received was the " Naked Cosmetics HD Finishing Translucent Powder." This product is lightweight. It helps lengthen the wear of other makeup products and a cool feature about this product is that you can wear it alone. It evens things out, brightens and tones down shine. I love myself a good translucent powder and with this product I really can't complain except for the fact that it applies slightly chalky/cakey which I am not the biggest fan of. I would still recommend this product to other's because it is a good product overall. COUPON CODE FOR 30% OFF ONLINE ORDERS: IPSY30 and You can purchase this product here:

Feel free to comment, ask questions or share your products reviews with me! I enjoy reading them!!! -Tessa


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