Selfie Sunless Tanning Lotion Review

Don't you just love being sun-kissed in the summer?!?! I know I do! This product does just that. It's so easy to apply and you end up with amazing results that last almost 2 weeks!!! Read about this product down below and enjoy!

I recently purchased self-tanning lotion called "Selfie Tan'n Go 2 Hour Sunless Lotion (with immediate bronzer)" from Marshalls and this comes in several different forms of this brand but I chose the lotion because I figured you it wouldn't give you as many streaks, as a spray or mousse would... If you would choose a type to use which would you use?

Information about the product: This product is a streak-free bronzer that is enriched with vitamin A,C, and E. It is also infused with green tea and kola which makes your skin healthier. This product has no after-tan aroma but leaves you with a fragrance and it is paraben free. You control the level of tan you want on your skin by adjusting the time before washing the product off. If you wait 2 hours before rinsing the product off your skin will be "sun-kissed", if you wait 4 hours before you rinse this product off your skin will be "medium light" and if you wait 6 hours before rinsing this product off of your skin, it'll be "medium."

You can purchase it here:

My review of the product: The first time I tried this product, I really liked the results. It wasn't too dark and it didn't streak too bad but in my experience it still streaked. I am SUPER pale skinned so I like being "sun-kissed" once in awhile and the results made me pretty happy. When I first put the product on, the smell wasn't great, but after about 15 minutes, the smell went away or at least it was subtle enough where I couldn't smell it too bad. This product lasted quite awhile to which I was impressed by. It lasted almost 1 to 2 weeks but you are going to need to scrub the excess off in the shower if it doesn't come off all the way. It stays on in the pool and in the shower, which is awesome! Overall, I would recommend this product but I might try some of the different products throughout this brand to see how they work as well. You can get this product really anywhere, it doesn't have to be bought on this site.

Please feel free to comment, ask questions, or share your reviews on these products. I enjoy reading them! -Tessa 


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