November Ipsy Showcase

Hi Guys!!! Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!! I hope you all gobbled till you wobbled!!! In today's blog post, I will be sharing with you my November Ipsy Showcase!!! I got a whole bunch of goodies this month in my Ipsy bag and I can't wait to share them with you!!!

The Ipsy theme for this month's bag is "Rockstarlet." This month's theme definitely focuses more on your skin and making sure you "shine" on and off the stage.

This is the Ipsy bag design for the month. I definitely love the colors of the bag!!! What I also like about the bag is how the little stars make up a makeup product. I like how the bag incorporates astronomy as well as beauty into the bag design.

These were the first products I got in my Ipsy bag. These are the Bonvivant Botanical Pure Masks in scents/extracts chamomile+tea tree(blue), Sodium Hyaluronate+Lotus(pink), and Collagen+Olive (green.) Each mask pack had their own benefits such as cools and tightens pores, restores tired dry skin and lastly, delivers vitamin E-boosting elasticity and youthfulness. I have to say, I was not impressed with these masks. The blue packaged mask failed to put the instructions in English ( They put it in Chinese.) In my opinion they were too wet when I took them out of the package and they didn't fit on my face very well. They also seemed to leave a oil/wetness onto my face. Maybe it's just because I am not used to sheet masks but I was not impressed.

This next product, I was quite impressed by and thought it was super clever!!! These are the SKYN ICELAND blemish dots. When I opened this product up to try, I was expecting little dots almost like the glue dots that you buy for crafting. Anyways, when I opened the product up, there were dots almost like glue dots that you stick onto your face. I was thinking they dissolved or something while on your blemish but it was basically a clear dot that sticks over your blemish and you leave it on overnight or for several hours and it makes your blemish go away. It was painless and the results were memorizing. I would definitely recommend this products. The dots come in all different sizes in the package. These would be a good gift idea to give bridesmaids before the wedding. Very cool and clever! 

This next product, is the Formula X nail polish in the color "huntress." I am still a little iffy about this product because the color seems a bit too dark for my liking but I do like the brand. However, this color is perfect for the fall and winter.

This product is the Tarte Cosmetics Deluxe Maracuja Oil. To be honest with you guys, I have never heard of this oil. However, when I received this product I did decide to try it on my hair and the one thing I do like about this product is that it can be used for multiple different uses such as skin-brightening, frizz-fighter, on-the go manis, it repairs split ends and it's also good as a makeup remover. The only complaint I have is that the products works gradually (in 6 weeks.) When I purchase products, I like to see a result quickly or right away. That's my only complaint.


This product is by theBalm Cosmetics and it's mad lash mascara. I liked the packaging and I liked the color and the wand style but when it was applied to my eyelashes it left clumps. That's my only complaint about this product but other than that it was good.

Lastly, this is my favorite product in this month's bag. It's the Ciate London Liquid Matte Liquid Lipstick in the color diva. I love the way this lipstick is applied and I love the color. I have no complaints about this product!!! I definitely recommend this product!!!

Please feel free to comment, ask questions, and share your reviews on these products. I enjoy reading them!!!-Tessa
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