Fall Haul

Hi Guys!!! For this blog post I decided to share with you some recent items that I have purchased for the fall season!!! Let' get to it!!!

The first product I got was this white spiked pumpkin. I actually purchased this after seeing it on a You tuber's snapchat that I follow. It is perfect for fall!!! It's classy with a little edge kind of like Halloween itself.  I also purchased those glitter and plaid cardboard leaves that are underneath it. I purchased these products at Target.

The second product that I purchased was this super cute message board that says "I am thankful for..." I like the glittery copper clothespins. It is definitely fitting for the fall season. I purchased this product at Target as well.

The next product I purchased was these glass plates that say "Thankful and Grateful." The plates came in a pair of two but the other one was being occupied at that moment. I love these because I can add treats to them for guest when they come over. They are perfect. I also purchased these at Target.

To continue with the "Thankful" theme, the next product I purchased was this chalkboard that says "Things To Be Thankful For." It's so fun to write what I am thankful for throughout the fall season! I purchased this at Target as well.

 This is the last product I purchased which is a decorative pillow that says "hello Fall." I purchased this pillow because I actually don't have fall season pillows and it works well with the d├ęcor in my "apartment."( I put apartment in quotations because I call my room my apartment.) I purchased this at Target as well.

This was a fall haul and a Target haul as well I guess!!! I love them both equally!!!

Please feel free to comment, ask questions or share your fall haul products with me. I love to read an reply to you!!!-Tessa


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