Meal Prep Veggies

Hi Guys!!! Today, I am going to be sharing a recipe with you that's quick, convenient, and affordable!!!  I personally like this recipe because I am constantly looking for a meal or snack that doesn't take a lot of prepare time and this recipe is perfect for that.

  • Any vegetables that you would like ( I will be using green beans,
  • Water(if you decide to steam them before putting them in the freezer)
  • Seasoning (if you would like to add seasoning to your vegetables)
***I did not steam any vegetables because I prefer my vegetables crunchier than mushier when I eat them.***

*** You can use other vegetables, I just used green beans in this blog post because I have a lot of them and I know they freeze well.***

  1. For the green beans, I cut the tips off and washed them.
  2. Then, I put them in a small Ziploc bag and placed them in the freezer.
***You can take them out whenever and warm them in the microwave or use them in recipes. ***

Feel free to comment, ask questions or share recipes with me!!! I enjoy reading them!!! - Tess


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