Fun-Filled Week

Hi Guys!!! This weeks blog post is going to be soo much fun!!! Let's Dive Right In!!!

 My parent's anniversary was this weekend and I tried to do something special for them because they absolutely deserve it! So I started off by decorating their bed! I have done this every year on their anniversary since I can remember! Then, my brother and I cooked dinner for them. We made grilled chicken, steamed green beans and corn, French bread garlic bread, chicken flavored rice and grilled asparagus. If you would like the recipe for any of this food, shoot me a comment and I will surely give you the recipe! That was pretty much it for what we did to celebrate their anniversary but it was fun to surprise them and make them feel special.

 This week I had the idea to make a pillow out of my nana's old t-shirt. I found a pillow that my mom had in her craft bin and I picked a t-shirt that I liked of hers and I made a pillow. The only thing that I wish I didn't do was use the no-sew glue because it dried hard and you see dark spots where I glued it together! I wish I would have tied it together or something but now I know for next time!

I went on a bit of a Blackhawks Haul this week and here is what I got:

If you have any questions on any of these items, shoot me an email.
Thanks, Tessa



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