Fruit Infused Iced Cubes-Week 10

Hello my fellow bloggers and readers!!!! I am pretty excited about this recipe actually because I personally love fruit and it's natural sweetness. I also like this recipe because of how easy it is!!!

  • Ice Cube Trays
  • Water or you could even do juice
  • Any fruit that you like
  1. Fill your ice cube trays half way with water or juice
  2. Cut up your fruit
  3. Fill ice cube tray to the top with more water or juice
  4. Freeze
  5. Pop out and enjoy with water, juice, soda, wine, or any beverage you like!!! I use them for a delicious thirst quenching infused water but they are a great addition to anything you would like to add a subtle fruit flavor to.  
I used pears, apples, and kiwi's for my cubes in my water.  When I use apples I put cinnamon on them so they have more flavor and because I am in the fall mood.

Health Benefits Of Fruit Infused Ice Cubes:
  • Can Increase Concentration
  • Can Increase Productivity
  • Helps Achieve The Maximum Amount Of Water You Are Supposed To Drink In One Day Which Is Eight Cups A Day.

Pomegranate Infused Water Recipe:


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