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This week I had the opportunity to chat with Kodette Labarbera, creator and writer behind her blog Kodette is a devoted blogger, wife, mother and an advocate for a healthier and a more charitable lifestyle for others. Kodette created her blog in 2016 in efforts to raise awareness for autism and it grew into something much bigger. Her blog has now become a platform to promote a more philanthropic and healthier lifestyle for her family and others. Her blog allows her to share her favorite recipes, foods, books, workouts and fashion with others as well as give us an inside look at her daily life. It was a pleasure and honor being able to chat with her and I hope this blog post helps promote her mission and gives others the opportunity to do the same.

Q:Recently, you became the ambassador of Made Foods, Can you share your favorite kid/adult friendly menu item and why you like it?
A: "I absolutely love almost everything at Made Foods. However, I do really enjoy th…

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