Kodette Labarbera Blog Review

Hi Everyone!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog!!! For today's blog post I am incredibly excited to share with you all, another one of my favorite blogs that I have been following!!! The blog is called www.kodettelabarbera.com and the creator and writer of this blog is Kodette Labarbera. Her blog consists of her favorite foods, recipes, books, workouts and fashion. As well as a platform to raise awareness for autism and other charities that she is involved in. Through reading Kodette's blog, I have gained admiration towards Kodette for all of the charities she has or is involved in. She has stated many times throughout her blog, that charity work has been a big part of her life. I have listed some of the charities that Kodette has been involved in or is involved in currently.  This blog is definitely worth reading!!! Kodette is extraordinary!!!

Charities Kodette has been involved in or is involved in:
  • Love for Lokomotive
  • American Lung Association of Arizona
  • Walk for Air
  • Ryan House
  • AAFS
  • Between Friends
  • Skates and Plates
  • Hockey Wives for New Heights 


Please feel free to comment, ask questions, or share thoughts on this blog!!! I enjoy reading them!!! -Tessa


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