Candle Day at Bath and Body Works Haul

Candles, Candles,We all scream for Candles!!! Bath and Body Works had their annual Candle Day a couple weekends ago!!! All 3 wick candles were $8.50!!! This was the first time that I have been to this sale... I guess it happens once a year and WHERE HAS IT BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!?!  It was a little hectic( meaning: line out the door, jam packed) but well worth it!!! I ended up getting 4 of the 3- wick candles, 2 hand sanitizers and a free perfume since I had a coupon for a free gift!!!

Here are the items that I got:


The first candle I purchased was in the scent "Vanilla Snowflake." I got this scent because I have the smaller version of this candle and it's almost completely burned out and I wanted to have the same scent available to me for the rest of the winter because I really love this scent. This scent reminds me of a fresh snow fall!!! It's sweet and subtle with hints of creamy vanilla , Iced fir, coconut flakes and a wintry mint scent. It has snow and winter written ALL over it!!!

The second candle I purchased was in the scent "Frosted Cranberry." This is another scent that I purchased because the smaller version is almost completely burned out and I wanted to have a spare in this scent. This scent when lit makes me relax and feel calm. It's fruity and tart just like an actual cranberry. In my opinion it is more of a Thanksgiving/Fall month's scents so I normally burn it around that season more.

The third candle I purchased was in the scent "Hot Cocoa and Cream." This scent has winter written all over it!!! I absolutely love it!!! It smells like freshly made hot cocoa and marshmallows and what is better than that on a cold winter day!!! I will definitely be burning this candle through the winter season!!!

The next candle I purchased was in the scent "Frosted Cupcake." Too bad you can't eat candles, because I would eat this one up in a heartbeat!!! It smells so good!!! It reminds me of vanilla frosting!!! I'm a baker so this candle was right up my alley and definitely reminds me of the kitchen!!!

Other products:
The next items that I purchased were hand sanitizers in the scents "Stashing through the snow" and "The struggle is real."  The first scent which is the "Stashing through the snow" has a scent of "North Pole Punch" so it is fruity and delightful. The second scent which is "The struggle is real" is a mixture of different scents but the one that stands out the most is a cinnamon scent but it also has hints of vanilla in it.

The last item I purchased was a perfume in the scent "Forever Red." I love the bottle that it is in and I love the scent. It's not too strong and it's not too weak either. It does have a slight perfume smell but it also has a berry scent to it and that's what I love about it!!!
Please feel free to comment, ask questions or share the products that you purchased on Candle Day!!!-Tessa


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