October Ipsy Showcase

Hello fellow readers and bloggers!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! Today I am very excited to share with you my October Ipsy Showcase!!! EEEK!!! I am SO excited to share it with you all!!! Here we go!!!

The theme for this month's Ipsy bag is "Black Magic." It's very dark and mysterious just like Halloween!!!

The bag design itself is very cute and not so dark and mysterious but still fitting for Halloween!!!

 The first product that I will be sharing with you all is my all-time favorite product in this month's Ipsy bag. It is the teeez cosmetics lipstick in the color "Romantic Red." Normally, I don't wear red lipstick because it's too bright for my pail skin but this particular shade works well with my skin color. It goes smoothly and it's a moisturizer/hydrating lipstick. I would definitely recommend it and I would definitely buy it again!!!

The second product I will be sharing with you guys is the vintage by Jessica Liebeskind brighten and define eyeshadow palette. The shades of eyeshadow are vanilla and espresso.  I like the way that this eyeshadow applies and I like the shades of the eyeshadows even though normally I like a pop of color in my eyeshadow shades. These are neutral and simple.
The next product I will be sharing with you is the NYX VIVIDBRIGHTS liquid eyeliner in the color gun metal. I like the color because it is very glittery but yet it still has that neutral tone. I don't use liquid liners often so I am not very good at applying them to my eyes. I tried to apply it but I am used to using a eye pencil so it was a little hard for me. However, I have heard VERY good reviews on this product from other people and I definitely like it but I need to practice applying it better.
The next product I will be sharing with you is the DERMELECT rapid repair facial moisturizer. I tried this product earlier and it worked very nice. It applied smoothly and it made my face feel smooth as well. Another thing that I really liked about this product was that when I was squeezing it out of the tube I noticed that it has a slight blue tint but rubs in white which I thought was pretty cool.
The last product I will be sharing with you is the TATCHA pure one step camellia cleansing oil. I have to say I wasn't so impressed with this product. I've never used a cleansing oil but from my experience with this product, it went on smoothly but I didn't see a difference in my skin except for the fact that it left a sticky feeling on my face after I washed it off like it said to do in the directions. That's my only complaint.


Please feel free to comment, ask questions or share your reviews of these products with me. I love reading and replying to them!!! - Tessa


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