Chicken Tacos

Hi Guys!!! In honor of national taco day yesterday, I decided to go ahead and throw together a quick and easy meal for you and your family to enjoy!!! Let's get started....

Ingredients: ***The amount of ingredients I use in this recipe will vary for you depending on how much your making for yourself or your family.***

  •  Chicken Breast(s) sliced up into strips ( you can slice it up after it's cooked if you would like)
  • Seasoning, to season your chicken with
  • Taco Shell(s) ( I used a hard shell for my taco)
  • Condiments - cheese, salsa, pepper's,etc. ( I just used cheese on my taco)
  1. Cook your chicken until done ( you can cook the chicken how you prefer, I grilled mine)
  2. Next, make your taco
  3. Enjoy!!!
Told you it was quick and easy!!!

Happy Belated National Taco Day Everyone!!!
Please feel free to comment, ask questions or share your recipes with me! I enjoy reading them!!! - Tessa


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