September Ipsy Showcase

Hello All. It has been a busy 2 weeks and I haven't had much time to blog but today I am very excited to share with you the products that I have gotten in my September Ipsy bag this month.

This month the theme was "Glamazon."

This is the bag design for this month


The first product I will be telling you all about is the dirty little secret eyeshadow in the color "teaser." It is a matte eyeshadow and the color is peachy with hint's of brown in it. Perfect for fall. I really like this product.

This is the Rodial dragon's blood hyaluronic tonic. It is supposed to rehydrate and sooth your face. I have to be honest, I  didn't see much of a difference in my face and  I was kinda disappointed with the way it sprayed. It's supposed to be a mist and when I tried it, it ended up spraying straight instead of misting. So I had to rub it onto my face.
This is the Living proof "perfect hair day 5-in-1 styling treatment . This product made my hair soft and did make it look nice. That's really all I have to say about it.
This is the Dr.G Daily Safe BB Cream in the color fair. I like this product a lot. It's the perfect color for my skin and it makes my skin nice and soft.   I just wish there was more of the product in the sample.
Lastly, this is the Too-Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Plumper Gloss.  I tried this lip gloss a few days ago and to be honest it didn't do anything to my lips. It didn't make them bigger. It did tingle and slightly burn like it said it would but that's all it did.
Please feel free to comment, ask questions, or share with me what you have received in your September Ipsy Bag.- Tess


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