Fall Candle Collection

Happy Fall Yawl!!! I thought it would fun to share with you guys, my fall candle collection!!! I am OBSESSED with candles!!! I love having a couple candles for each season!!! As you can tell I have several for fall.... I told you I have a candle buying problem!!! Anyways, here's my fall candle collection....

I could rate these candles with at least a 4 to 5 star rating!!! They all smell so delicious!!!
Caramel Pumpkin Swirl
This scent is very sweet. It's sugar and spice mixed in one candle. It has a strong caramel smell and hints of the pumpkin throughout the candle.

Banana Walnut Bread
This scent has different hints to it. It starts out sweet from the banana bread, then it has a nutty smell to it from the walnut, then it has a slight perfume scent to it when it's burning.  

Crisp Morning Air
This scent has a perfume scent to it but it's not overriding. I am not much of a perfume scent candle person. However this one isn't bad. It is strong and won't take long to make the room smell good.

Marshmallow Fireside
This scent is another one of those scent's that has different sides to it. It starts out sweet with the marshmallow scent, then it has a perfume smell to it when burning.

Gourmet Expresso
This scent smells like a coffee shop and I love it. It has hints of chocolate throughout.








Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla
This scent is sugar and spice mixed together. It has a spicy scent to it because of the cinnamon and additional spices but it also has the sugary hints to it from the vanilla. It's perfect to burn for the month of fall.

This scent reminds me of cotton candy for some reason and I really don't know how else to explain it. It's sweet all-around.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to comment, ask questions or share some of your favorite candles with me! I enjoy reading and answering your comments.-Tess


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